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A place for employers in Alberta to proudly proclaim that they pay a living wage* to their employees so Albertans that care can support people who build and support our province. In today's announcement (May 27, 2019) from Premier Kenney, we heard that not all minimum wage work hours are valued and that employees should negotiate their value for wages and overtime with the same people that can cut hours or terminate employment (hardly a fair negotiation).

*A living wage varies greatly depending on where in Alberta one lives. $15 covers a large part of the province, but certainly not the major centres. This site is focused on ensuring the minimum wage of $15 per hour applies to all employees regardless of age, but you can see what the actual living wage in your area is by going here:

Our government's announcement on May 27 impacts people  that can afford it least. While Mr. Kenney claims it "allows" employees a chance to negotiate staying past the regular overtime hours to earn more tips, we know that employers will abuse this to keep minimum wage employees working without fair recompense. Young employees deserve to make the same wage as those over 18 and should not be asked to negotiate for a living because they are students. Employers that hire people should hire based on the job being viable, period.

Today, we invite all employers in this great province that care about all workers to stand up and be counted as an "Alberta15" company. You have customers waiting to support you for contributing back to this fine province. Stand up an be counted.

Like the idea? Help spread the word: Please ask your favourite Alberta business owners to sign-up and share on social media.

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The List

This is a list of employers that have self-professed to pay a living wage in Alberta to all employees regardless of Premier Kenney's roll-backs or other loopholes. We encourage you to do your own research, but this should serve as a good jumping-off point for places you can support if you believe that ALL Albertans should make a living wage for 40 hours of work per week.

Be sure to check out the Map for an interactive list of all businesses! Perfect for those on mobile.

Search Entries

Company Name

Type of Business

Company Name Type of Business Number of Employees (in Alberta) Company Website
Alltec Manufacturing Other
100 Worlds Preschool Service
MassageWorks Cochrane Wellness Centre MWC Service
5 http:
Monster Electric Service
5 hrtp:/
Canteen Restaurant/Bar
Optimum Inspection Other
Sisbro Landscaping Inc Service
The Muffin Top Bake Shop Retail
Diesel Pro Inc Other
ERJ Transport Inc Other
Master Meats Other
Beach Bumz Sun Tanning Studio Retail
Gord's Running Store Ltd. Retail
Greenstone Construction Other
Done and Dusted Cleaning Services Service
Trian Custom Cabinetmakers Ltd. Other
CK Construction Service
Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen Restaurant/Bar
Lathered Cleaning Company Service
Bonnie Doon Corner Market Retail
Bliss Garden Helper Service
Table Top Cafe Retail
Table Top Cafe Retail
Guudenteit Finishing Carpentry Other
Game of Thermals Service
Niche Beauty Retail
FairShare Vacation Rental Property Management Other
Holy Kraut Retail
Kingsland COBS Bread Retail
The Escape Squad Other

"I Call Bullshit"

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