What is Alberta15?

Alberta15 is a strong belief that any Albertan working for 40 hours a week deserves to make a living wage. This site is an effort to help like-minded Albertans find and support our fellow Albertans that own and operate businesses that contribute to our local economy and the well-being of their employees.

Who runs this site?

I'm a private citizen that prefers to focus on the issue, not myself. You can find me on Twitter if you like at @tooq. I used to work in the hospitality industry and saw how workers are often taken advantage of in order to meet labour and other business costs. I've seen how tip pools are abused, how long overtime hours go unpaid, and how expenses are offloaded to minimum wage staff instead of being covered by owners.

Not all restaurants or minimum wage employers are bad by any means, but they are more often than not in the position of power when it comes to their employees. A livable minimum wage helps to ensure that those employees are able to grow and contribute to a strong Alberta.

I have to give a special thank you to Jennifer Windsor of jwindsordesign.com for volunteering her services to design the site logo. Follow her on Twitter (https://twitter.com/jwindsordesign) and visit her site if you need a quote on some graphic design work. Thank you, Jennifer!

What's the Catch When I Post Here?

There is none. No advertising, no selling submitted info. I'm a small business owner, a fan of shopping local, and this isn't a money making endeavour. If this takes off and compiles a list of businesses that build a strong Alberta for everyone, not just the wealthy, then I've gotten enough of a reward. Need more details? Use the form below and I'll respond to your questions. The site does utilize Google Analytics so I can keep an eye on traffic and general behaviours.


Thanks to local, provincial, and national media that have covered the issue. Global Edmonton, CBC News, CBC Radio in Edmonton and Calgary, CBC Power and Politics, The Edmonton Journal, The Calgary Herald, Breakfast Television Calgary, City News Edmonton, 630 Ched, CFCW, and a bunch of others have all been helpful in getting the word out. Even in the records of the Provincial Legislature.

Contact form is below should you have questions or interview requests.