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This is a free resource for Alberta-based employers that are committed to paying all employees a minimum of $15 per hour regardless of the employee's age. All posts will be reviewed within 24 hours of posting and this site reserves all rights to remove any posting as it sees fit.

This board is not limited to jobs for those under 18. As long as you are hiring in Alberta and pay all staff a minimum of $15 per hour, you're welcome to post.


Press the button below and complete the form below to create your job posting. Posts will be removed shortly after the closing date or after 60 days unless you contact me on Twitter (@tooq) and request differently.

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Date Added Company Name Position Hourly Wage to Be Paid Location Type of Posting
6/8/19, 9:08 p.m. Test Warehouse Company Warehouse Staff 18
#11 12345 Anderson Road SE
Calgary Alberta T2J 3V7
Casual, Temporary, or Contract
6/8/19, 8:54 p.m. Test Co. Kitchen Help 15
2000 Someplace Ave
Canmore Alberta T1F 1P9
Full-Time Permanent